College Admissions is a Zinch

April 30th, 2007 |
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The college admissions process was such a pain that it inspired Mick Hagen with the idea for a company. is all about helping students showcase themselves for college admissions officers. As Hagen says, there’s a lot more to students than test scores. Zinch lets students create a searchable profile that combines their academic scores with a broad collection of achievements, talents, interests, arts, extracurricular activities, athletics, music and more.

The Zinch model: students generate their own profiles as a free service. Zinch lets the students “shout-out” to specific programs and universities they are interested in attending. Universities purchase a subscription to the content database with the ability to search various criteria. Zinch also provides the university an additional way to target prospective students and then market specific programs students are looking for, rather than deliver generic, campus-wide information.

Hagen attends Princeton University, but he’s taking a break to launch


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