Social Networking added to Event and Conference Management

April 12th, 2007 |
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Way back in 1998, Tom Karren and a handful of fellow Novell engineers set out to deliver a hosted application service built on Web technologies. The result was WingateWeb, an event and conference reservation and management system. Today WingateWeb’s offering is used by Fortune 500 and big name tech companies like Cisco, Intel, Microsoft and Novell to manage small sales conferences, large user events or even industry-wide conferences with thousands of attendees.

Social networking is becoming a key requirement for event planners and attendees and is offered in WingateWeb’s EventLink. For those of us who have registered for an event, we all know the challenge of finding the right session, managing a calendar (probably in a different timezone), hooking up with peers at networking events, and selling management on the benefits of attending. WingateWeb makes it easier for companies to deliver high-quality events with their end-to-end management system.


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