Tech Tonics: Michelle Snyder and the Transformation of Sickcare to Wellcare

February 9th, 2015 |
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Announcing our 3rd edition of Tech Tonics, the Podcast. Today’s show features an interview with long-time digital health entrepreneur Michelle Snyder. Michelle is currently Chief Marketing Officer at Welltok, a company that works with health plans and other population health managers to guide and incentivize consumers to optimize their
health. The company is one of the first to commercialize the IBM Watson platform.

Michelle has taken her Midwestern roots and combined them with a passion for health policy to build a reputation as a physician marketing genius. One of the early executives at ePocrates, Michelle built one of the best known brands in mobile health and is now parlaying that experience into helping consumers reframe their health
system experience from one that is about sickcare to one that is about wellcare.

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