Transforming Storage

Every hard disk will fail. As the amount of data exponentially increases, keeping it alive and even finding it is no small task for IT. And with the rise of cloud services many providers find that storage issues are often among their biggest challenges.

Historically, storage practices have been conservative, which is understandable considering storage is about protecting data and preventing data loss. But the storage landscape is changing with IT innovation. The emergence of technologies such as 10-GB Ethernet over fiber channel has helped to increase efficiency while lowering costs. Over the last few years the cloud has helped fuel a basic change in how technologists think about storage.

Once upon a time, calling up something stored meant a highly secure but slow access of archived data. With the advent of smart phones and tablets, users expect all data to be readily available on demand. Hardware and software developers have responded with systems that process data closer to its source. That’s intelligent storage. This intelligence amplifies a range of exciting concepts like distributed storage enabled by the cloud, running on standard high-volume servers with standard operating systems; or multiple storage tiers for the enterprise, each tier devoted to different requirements.

“Transforming Storage” is an online radio series produced by Connected Social Media and sponsored by Intel, which covers how intelligent storage is changing the way IT stores and manages data.

Programs in the series:

Sept 3, 2013 – “Intelligent Storage, Secure Data
Eric Carpenter of RAND’s Secure Archive Division; Jay Kim, Co-founder and President of Data Locker; Scott Durant, of Intel’s Data Center and Connected Systems Group.

Sept 25, 2013 – “The Rise of Intelligent Storage
Ramin Elahi, Engineering Training Solution Architect at NetApp and Adjunct Faculty and Advisory Board Member at The University of California at Santa Cruz [SNW speaker]; Mike McGrath, Storage Technologist at Intel.

Sept 30, 2013 – “Meeting the Big Data Challenge
Adam Mendoza, Strategic planner for Cloud Storage, Intel; Dan Dahle, Director of Technology Management at Intel Labs.

Oct 14, 2013 – “Private Cloud, Meet Public Cloud
Siamak Farah, CEO of InfoStreet; Jared Wray, CTO and Founder of Tier 3; Greg Scott, Chief Cloud Storage Strategist, Intel.

All episodes will be available in the Transforming Storage channel, and as an iTunes podcast.

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