Player types

Audio only:

Simple Static:
This is a single post player. It’s usually used where page space is an issue and no playlist is desired. A client, or any user, can grab this player themselves from our site.

Random featured posts only:
This is what is on our front door. It’s a random playlist showing all of the posts we’ve marked as being feature worthy. Posts will be listed as featured based on quality and how current they are. If someone wanted to, they could copy this player directly from our site.

Random by client (Intel):
We can have a random playlist for any client or category. On the client website, we can have a random pool that they tell us to create based on what they want to have featured. This player is also user-shareable, but the parameters have to be set by us (we have to configure the list of posts that are available).

Chronological by client (Intel):
This puts the posts in chronologic order for a particular client or category. We need to configure what posts are in a specific category.

Sticky random by client (Intel):
This allows a client to have one post that is featured in the player and a random playlist that is pulled from a specific category. This would be useful if you had a specific post that went with a page, but you wanted the playlist to look fresh even though the category wasn’t going to be updated for a while. The number of stickies is variable, in this case it’s two.

Sticky chronological by client (Intel):
This is like the sticky random, but the rest of the playlist is in chronological order.

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