Batteries, Hybrids and Policy

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At the recent Clean Tech Venture Network Conference in San Francisco, Nora McDevitt interviewed Peter Fusaro, chairman of Global Change Associates, Dan Kammen, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley, and Maurice Gunerderson, venture partner with CMEA Ventures on CleanTech. This vlogcast explores their views on batteries, hybrids and policy trends. Kammen believes that, if we want to have plug-and-play hybrids on the road, battery technology is going to have to evolve more quickly, and we also need to tax the carbon content of fuel and set performance-based standards. The energy market is, in part, regulation-driven, and Kammen says we need to create taxes that reflect what we want, as California has done. Peter Fusaro suggests that, as technology continues to advance, and as plug-in hybrids hit the market, we will actually clip energy demand. In the case of batteries, Maurice Gunderson sees the technology for Litihium Ion Batteries for energy storage only a few years away from substantial improvements for premium power in automobiles.


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