Classic Scoble : BlogHer founders ready for Chicago ConFab

May 23rd, 2008 |
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What was Scoble up to one year ago today? Check out today’s video for a trip down memory lane.
And for more context, check out his blog, from one year ago today!

BlogHer was one of our favorite conferences of 2006. Why? Beause it was different. You had mommy bloggers talking with tech bloggers and political bloggers. There’s a myth that there aren’t many bloggers who are women and BlogHer is going to explode that myth — last year, nearly 1,000 bloggers attended BlogHer. Here, Maryam and me have a conversation with BlogHer co-founders Lisa Stone, Elisa Camahort and Jory Des Jardins about blogging trends and their plans for the 2007 BlogHer event in Chicago.


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