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October 4th, 2010 |
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Open Cirrus, a test bed for cloud computing (spearheaded by the companies HP, Intel and Yahoo, and including research partners such as Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Illinois) recently announced its expansion. An Internet service such as Facebook is one example of cloud computing which presents certain data management challenges. Large sets of data that enterprises seek to move to the cloud present significant challenges. However the benefits, which include cost-savings, scalability and automation promise to be substantial.

Total time – 11:20

Michael Kozuch, Principal Engineer, Intel Labs Pittsburgh.

Dejan Milojicic, Research Manager at HP Labs, Managing Director of Open Cirrus.

Thomas Kwan, Director of Research Operations, Yahoo Labs.

Garth Gibson, Professor of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University.

Research papers and presentations:
Open Cirrus at Intel Labs Pittsburgh

Yahoo’s Hadoop blog

Open Cirrus paper from HP Labs and partners

Garth Gibson: DiskReduce for HDFS


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