Talking with Six Apart: blogging pioneers

October 12th, 2007 |
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Six Apart just released a new Moveable Type, so I wanted to find out what was up cause it really has a lot of great services that help people communicate. From LiveJournal, which is used by people to talk with their social networks, to Vox, which is a blog tool with great permission control so you can publish to just your family or to your friends, or everyone if you want, to TypePad, which is the service we used to publish our book, Naked Conversations, on, to Moveable Type which is used inside lots of companies as a blog platform. Anyway, this chat with Chris Alden, CEO, Michael Sippey, VP of Products, and David Recordon, engineer, goes into a lot of depth on what Six Apart is thinking about when it comes to blogging and social networking.

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