Bill Clinton’s National Security Advisor Sandy Berger

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Rich Seidner, editor of has a podcast with Sandy Berger, former National Security Advisor for Bill Clinton.

“There’s a lot more we can do. we’re not doing enough with North Korea, we’re not doing enough with Iran, and we’re not doing enough to secure vast stockpiles of nuclear material in the former Soviet Union.”

“95% of the containers coming into our country are not screened, and any one of those containers could contain a dirty bomb.”

“We have to be a lot more creative. A lot of these solutions are not going to come from government. They’re going to come from government stimulating the private sector to develop the kind of biometric and sensing technologies that will make us safer.”

“We can’t build a bubble over the U.S. because the bubble wouldn’t protect us from indigenous terrorists, and we don’t want to live in that kind of society.”

“What we haven’t had from this administration is a strategic plan with a set of priorities. So here we are, four years after 9/11, still asking the question ‘what’s most important?’ We should have resolved this 6 weeks after 9/11. We mobilized this country to go to war after the attack on Pearl Harbor, and we have simply not had the sense of urgency about building a harder safer America.”

“If offense is going after the bad guys, and defense is making this country less vulnerable, then the third leg is the war of ideas. We are the most powerful country in the world—economically, militarily, culturally—but power is not the same thing as authority.”

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