How Enterprise Performance Solutions Impact the Bottom Line

February 28th, 2008 |
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Join BearingPoint director Joe Monti to explore the Enterprise Performance Solution and how it can affect your organization’s bottom line. With all the pressure on the economy due to the sub-prime crisis, now more than ever, people are focused on cutting costs and saving money. In an effort to help our clients, BearingPoint has adopted a holistic solution that assists both the labor and non-labor side of the P&L.

The holistic approach consists of a 4-solution suite that focuses on global service delivery, operating modeling optimization, retail banking solutions and enterprise spend management. By utilizing these solutions, which may not all apply to the individual client, your organization can obtain an optimal approach to technology effectiveness and complete transparency.

Prior to making a determination of which solution(s) will benefit our client, there are few key factors that must be analyzed. After compiling a list of “good” data, we’ll work to understand what has worked in the past for the organization and if they’re willing to adopt change. It is also essential to identify key benchmarks and outline some best practices. It’s this type of efficiency that separates us from the competition.

With our deep process knowledge and global depth, BearingPoint brings both management consulting and strong technology experience to the table. We not only work with some of the most distinguished experts in the field, but individuals with a deep domain expertise. The most significant differentiator that we can proclaim is our willingness to implement our work on a gain sharing basis. Through our Enterprise Performance Improvement Solution, our only priority is impacting your bottom line and ensuring you are better prepared for any obstacles that are faced in the future.

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