Offshoring Advanced Analytics to Predict Business Trends

December 14th, 2007 |
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Join BearingPoint Senior Manager, Ray Wilson, as he explores offshoring advanced analytics and how it supports businesses today.

With the recent credit crisis that has made its way across our nation, more and more companies are demanding an advanced analytics capability in their organization. Advanced analytics requires highly skilled individuals who are proven to provide statistical models to predict future trends of a business. Through offshoring advanced analytics, an organization can provide its client with a cost efficient method to an advanced resource that has been proven to increase profitability and sales.

Finding qualified offshoring venues is easier than ever. Once a facility is determined, the organization begins robust project planning and security certification. More and more companies are turning to offshoring venues because of the lack of supply constraints. These venues are being formed in countries where there is an abundance of resources and a high educational status. Through offshoring, an organization has a pool of advanced resources they can choose from and at an affordable price.


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