Electronic Messaging Industry Update — Are You Ready for Message Management to Reach

July 27th, 2007 |
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Join BearingPoint technologist and Senior Manager Scott Kimbel in this podcast, as he dives into the state of electronic messaging and how it affects the enterprise.

Most companies try to block certain electronic messaging such as IM (Instant Messaging) because they’re worried about compliance and security. But undeniably, employees can and will figure out ways around it. And then there are viral devices, like blackberries for instance, that some companies and their employees cannot do without, as they enable mobility and quick response. So what are vendors doing to support these new trends and enhance productivity?

One of the goals is trying to integrate these tools and put them into one platform so it’s easy for the enterprise to manage and monitor these technologies. Intellectual property must be protected at all costs and so instead of ignoring these technologies, enterprises should embrace them and turn potentially negative security risks into a proactive system that can protect your company’s information.


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