Virtualization Management: The Buzz and the Benefits

June 22nd, 2007 |
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With today’s virtual environment, virtualization can bring clear advantages in how you manage your IT. In this podcast, join BearingPoint technologists Nicolas Boaknin and Laurent Mandorla to explore the virtualization buzz – what it’s all about and why it’s at the forefront of IT organizations.

With today’s push toward energy conservation, the many benefits and efficiencies of virtualization are ideal for data centers. Now that it’s reached its maturity level it’s used for everything, even mission-critical work, and the advantages it brings are clear for those IT organizations that manage complex, large data centers.

What started in labs for development platforms has evolved into a technology that enables you to do more things that simply weren’t possible before. Moving in to full-fledged production areas, the benefits of lowering cost and reducing the carbon footprint make it an extremely promising technology.


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