Importance of Estimations

April 3rd, 2007 |
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Most IT departments allocate a significant portion of the total cost to labor yet do not apply any formal estimation methodology to determine the appropriate allocation, growth, and productivity of their labor. The use of an estimation model can have significant impact on the management of the overall IT budget.

COCOMO (COnstructive COst MOdeling) is not just a popular hit from the Beach Boys, but a parametric estimation methodology introduced by Dr. Barry Boehm in his 1981 Software Engineering Economics (Prentice Hall). COCOMO uses LOC (Lines Of Code) to determine the size of a software project.

Please join us in listening to Pete McEvoy, senior manager and technologist at BearingPoint, extract the finer points of several estimation techniques as he shares the BearingPoint perspective around the importance of estimations.


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