Commercial Lending: Preparing for New Waves of Credit Issues

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An Accelerated Lending Pipeline Solution for Commercial Lenders in Crisis

Join BearingPoint senior business development manager Scott Williams as he talks about the state of the commercial lending market place and the current credit crisis as it relates to residential mortgages. We learn how the impact of the credit crisis is effecting all lending, including other consumer products like autos and home equity lines of credit, etc. Commercial lenders are preparing for a wave of issues around credit quality in the commercial landscape. Now more then ever, the decision to extend lines of credit requires evaluating the credit worthiness and having the right information to make the right decisions. It’s imperative that one can see the picture of all the different entities involved in the lending chain. BearingPoint’s Accelerated Lending Pipeline Solution, or ALPS, embodies BearingPoint’s established experience in the commercial lending marketplace. Every organization has its own credit policies, but almost 90 percent of those processes are the same. The ALPS open software solution focuses on that common process to facilitate workflow and risk assessment all the way through loan approval.


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