Virtualizing the Application: How Thinstall Streamlines Deployment and Support

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For IT professionals responsible for introducing applications into an enterprise, compatibility testing can often be a daunting exercise. You must not only test every known OS version against the application, but you also need to understand what other applications may conflict with this new application. Application compatibility challenges account for a large percentage of end-user downtime in companies today, as many of us have experienced the unexpected “blue screen” or “frozen computer” when we launch a new application. VMware, the global leader in virtualization solutions, has now added application virtualization to its desktop product suite. Through the acquisition of Thinstall, VMware is integrating a proven and mature application virtualization offering as part of the desktop virtualization solution. VMware virtualization helps you take back control of the desktop.

In this VMware podcast, Henrik Rosendahl and Ed Albanese of VMware’s application virtualization product team explain why application virtualization matters, including the real-world benefits and the best way to try it out.


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