Intel – IDF Keynote – Pat Gelsinger, Digital Enterprise – Part 2 of 3 Virtualization, Quad-Core & Platforms

March 7th, 2006 |
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Intel Developer Forum – Pat Gelsinger, Keynote “Virtualization, Quad-Core and Platforms” Part 2 of 3 – March 7, 2006, San Francisco.

“In the Digital Enterprise keynote, Pat Gelsinger and Tom Kilroy (co-general managers), will outline Intel’s intense focus on delivering platform solutions for large and small businesses. They will address how Intel is enabling businesses to respond to opportunities and challenges faster through innovative products and technologies. Join Pat and Tom for this thought-provoking keynote to better understand Intel’s advanced technologies such as Intel Virtualization Technology and Intel Active Management Technology as well as advancements in server, client communications and storage platforms.”


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