Population Level Genomics with Lenovo’s GOAST – Intel Conversations in the Cloud – Episode 199

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In this Intel Conversations in the Cloud audio podcast: Mileidy Giraldo, Ph.D., Global Lead, Genomics R&D at Lenovo HPC & AI, joins Conversations in the Cloud to discuss the future of genomics-based precision medicine and Lenovo’s new Genomics Analytics solution. Genomics analytics are increasingly the first step for life sciences studies, but long execution times of complex workflows limit their large scale implementation. Mileidy discusses how Lenovo and Intel’s work is helping researchers deliver faster time to scientific insights and flexibility to scale. Lenovo’s Genomics Optimization and Scalability Tool (GOAST) is built on the foundation of Intel Select Solutions for Genomics Analytics and expands its features to enable precision medicine at the population scale. The computing and storage capacities of the solution help researchers accelerate genomics at the population level – which is having a huge impact on timely deployment of translational and precision medicine initiatives worldwide.

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