Steve Poitras: Birth of the Nutanix Bible

October 31st, 2019 |
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“In the early days, people had no idea what hyperconvergence was,” recalled Steven Poitras, principal solutions architect at enterprise software company Nutani. Hyperconverged (HCI) infrastructure combines compute, storage and networking in a single location, vastly simplifying data center operations that conventionally house racks of servers, network switches and other hardware. HCI takes advantage of innovations in virtualization, which creates digital replications of hardwired devices. Nutanix pioneered HCI and today remains the leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for HCI. In the early days, Poitras created the Nutanix Bible to provide customers with the details that they need.

“Rather than saying ‘just trust us, we explained exactly what the system does and how it reacts when certain triggers or events occur,” said Poitras. “This allows everyone to understand the system entirely and explain it to others for comparison. And if there ever is an issue, it gives them knowledge to act intelligently.”

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