Tech Tonics: Owen Tripp – Grand Founder

July 23rd, 2018 |
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Owen Tripp, Founder and CEO of Grand Rounds, was brought up by parents who taught him that you could do whatever you chose to do and that there was not one clear path to the right door. Owen has taken this to heart, starting adult life as a Spanish major and working his way through tech to healthcare as an avowed entrepreneur, ultimately yielding to the siren song of unbridled optimism present in Silicon Valley.

Owen was an early employee at eBay where, among other things, he became an avowed collector of Wheaties boxes adorned by New England’s greatest athletes. He also became fascinated by entrepreneurship and went on to co-found, a company now serving customers in 100 countries around the world and which he now realizes was well ahead of it’s time.

Owen started Grand Rounds in 2011 and learned the hard way the difficulty of consumer-paid business models in healthcare. He has built a business known for creativity and especially for his leadership, the trait for which he wishes to be most recognized. Owen aspires to create the next “Pay Pal Diaspora” where the leadership of Grand Rounds ultimately goes on to become the next cadre of great leaders of the best of the new supply of healthtech companies.

We are grateful to GE Ventures for sponsorship of today’s episode. GE Ventures: Multiple Paths to Big Impact.


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