A Tango of a Different Sort

March 13th, 2007 |
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Size matters — especially when you put it in the context of an urban area with traffic congestion and parking capacity. That’s the thinking behind Spokane, Wash.-based Commuter Cars Corp. The company has unvelied an ultra-narrow, high performance zero-emissions vehicle, the Tango. But this isn’t a neighborhood electric vehicle (called NEVs, in the trade). It’s capable of 0-60 in 4 seconds, and superior handling around corners due to it’s low center of gravity, despite it’s angular appearance. Plus it has a safety cage similar to those of high-speed race cars, so you know it’s safe. As Commuter Cars President Rick Woodbury explains, it offers the promise of doubling capacity on our freeways through lane-splitting and lane doubling, as well as quadrupling the parking capacity with perpindicular parking, plus zero emissions for a cleaner environment, making this tandem two-seater a big part of the solution to our congested cities. Available as a kit car with the price tag of over $100k, the Tango T600 may not fit everyone’s budget at the moment, but the company is in the process of developing the Tango 100, with a price tag of under $20k, due sometime in 2008-09.


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