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March 5th, 2007 |
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My thanks to Sherry Boshert for fitting me into her busy schedule of speaking engagements, and meeting me for lunch to talk about her new book. Author of Plug-In Hybrids, The Cars That Will Re-Charge America, Sherry is known as Miss Plug-In for her tireless efforts on behalf of plug-in electric vehicles (PHEV’s). She was one of the first to drive a THINK electric vehicle, and now owns a Toyota Rav4 EV. Her book is one of intrigue involving a wide range of characters including Chelsea Sexton, who worked for General Motors and desperately fought GM’s attempts to kill the EV1 (you may have seen her profiled in the movie Who Killed the Electric Car?, Felix Kramer, one of the founders of, and former CIA Director James Woolsey, among many others. Our discussion covered the bipartisan support of plug-in vehicles, including evangelicals behind CreationCares and What Would Jesus, the DRIVE Act moving through Congress, the efforts of organizations like Plug-In Partners, plus the many biofuels out there such as E85, diesel, cellulosic ethanol and even woodchips (my dad was project manager for the Burlington Electric Department in Vermont, helping bring the first wood chip-fired power plant enter the electric grid in 1984 — Thanks Dad!) But perhaps the most fascinating part for me was our discussion about V2G, or Vehicle to Grid technology. For copies of Sherry’s book, log onto Plug-In

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