Tech Tonics: While Designing the Clinic of the Future In New York, Joel Dudley Remains a Cheesehead at Heart

August 14th, 2017 |
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From the frozen tundra of Wisconsin, to the desert of Arizona, to the Eden that is Palo Alto, to his current home in the greatest city on earth, Joel Dudley has followed his interests and instincts to become a pioneer in the thoughtful application of data science to biology and medicine.

In this episode of Tech Tonics, Joel discusses not only his fascinating journey, but also his current work at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York – the hospital where David Shaywitz was born almost exactly five decades ago – and where today Joel leads the Institute for Next Generation Healthcare, an ambitious effort that’s essentially trying to sculpt the data-inhaling clinic of the future.

We also examine some of the unusual twists and turns of his journey, including the role of remarkable (and remarkably generous) mentors (Atul Butte in particular), and the impact of Crohn’s Disease (which he has) in shaping his interdisciplinary perspective. We also learn about the experiences Joel has had as scientist, proud of his midwestern roots, living among the coastal elites (tl;dr: ready availability of takeout is a plus).

Today’s episode is brought to you by DNAnexus, the secure and compliant cloud platform that enables enterprise users to analyze, collaborate around, and integrate massive amounts of genetic and other health data.

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