GM’s ‘EFIJY’: A tribute to the Holden

January 18th, 2007 |
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While I wasn’t around for the 1953 FJ Holden, Australia’s legendary automobile that compares in status to the 1957 Chevy in the U.S., I can appreciate its design. Speaking with Richard Ferlazzo, chief designer of GM Holden Ltd, I got a glimpse into the history of the vehicle with GM’s EFIJY, the concept car designed as a tribute to that icon from down under. The car brings back the golden age of big fenders and lots of chrome with a color inspired by one of today’s hit television shows. It was a big hit at the North American International Auto Show.

Reporter’s Notes: We must be making quite an impression on the large automakers with our content here on The Next Gear. So much so that GM invited us for an all expense paid trip to Detroit to cover the North American International Auto Show. While there, they wined and dined us and gave us unprecedented access to designers, high level corporate bigwigs and company spokespeople, yet with no requirement that we publish anything about them, only that we disclose this enticement. It was an opportunity we are happy to share with you, our audience. I encourage you to leave your feedback!

-Matt Kelly


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