M = $ for Mercora

September 26th, 2006 |
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LOS ANGELES, September 26, (PodTech News) — Santa Clara, Calif.-based Mercora, Inc. Monday released ‘M’ the first wireless, over-the-air mobile media software application for smart phones. The technology enables the user to access their computer’s digital music library from any location via their phone and listen to audiostreams from thousands of Internet radio channels. Avikk Ghose is Mercora’s director of business development. He spoke with PodTech’s Matt Kelly about the company’s plans, which include allowing users to stream songs from up to five other users. Telephia mobile content analyst Levi Shapiro also spoke with PodTech about the news.

Reporter’s Notes: In the podcast, Avikk and I spoke about Mercora’s agreement with Nettwerk, the Canadian record label and artist management company. More about Nettwerk. Also, my PodTech colleague Michael Johnson featured Nettwerk in a recent podcast.

— Matt Kelly


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