Leverages SNAP to Accelerate Enterprise Innovation – Conversations in the Cloud – Episode 66

November 23rd, 2016 |
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In this Intel Conversations in the Cloud audio podcast: In this episode of Conversations in the Cloud Bart Schachter, COO of and Travis Reeder, CTO and Co-founder of discuss making job processing faster and easier for companies. has been using Docker containers for a number of years with the core purpose of helping companies run workloads. Companies leverage to process files/data faster, deploy workloads faster, iterate quicker, and gain workload control. is making the transition to function as a service: the transition from bigger monolithic apps to micro-service, and now breaking down micro-services into smaller chunks of code. They foresee the industry moving to a multi-cloud and hybrid environment, which is why the workloads that they manage have been intelligently routed to multiple clouds. Iron.ioleverages SNAP in order to understand the landscape of the data center and to better land workers on hardware that provides advantageous instruction sets.

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