Red Hat and Intel Work to Further NFV Technology – Conversations in the Cloud – Episode 65

November 14th, 2016 |
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In this Intel Conversations in the Cloud audio podcast: Radhesh Blakrishnan, the General Manager of OpenStack at Red Had joins us in this episode of Conversation in the Cloud, recorded at the Intel Developers Forum, to discuss the success of OpenStack deployment and management as well as Intel and Red Hat’s alliance to further NFV technology. Radhesh tells us that Red Hat has a large focus on making sure they have a large certified partner system across compute, storage, and network. Intel and Red Hat have worked together to deliver innovations that are jointly tested and perfected. He shares that Project Phoenix is a solution that Intel and Red Hat have aligned on with the shared vision of innovation, interoperability, and integration services to further NFV technology. Radhesh highlights Red Hat’s drive to deliver innovation across all layers including operating system level, hypervisor level, and OpenStack level. Red Hat has been very successful in delivering proven solutions by enterprise end users in areas of performance scalability, and efficiency.

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