HPE and Intel: Exploring the Cloud From an Open Source Perspective – Intel Conversations In The Cloud – Episode 56

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In this Intel Conversations in the Cloud audio podcast: Omri Gazitt, VP of Products and Services at HPE joins us for Conversations in the Cloud to discuss the cloud of the future. According to Omri, HPE’s cloud strategy is centered on two main beliefs: the cloud of the future will be Hybrid and Open. Hybrid is the belief that HPE’s customers want to realize the order-of-magnitude improvements in agility and efficiency brought about by cloud computing, whether they are running private clouds, renting managed clouds, or deploying applications in a public cloud. Open is the belief that multi-vendor open source ecosystems win out over closed ones, and HPE is investing in OpenStack and Cloud Foundry as the IaaS and PaaS open source projects that will power the clouds of the future. Finally, Omri gives an overview of the new wave of solutions introduced by HPE in June, including Helion Cloud Suite 1.0, Helion Stackato 4.0, and Helion CloudSystem 10.

To find out more go to HPE’s Grounded in The Cloud blog or follow Omri on Twitter at twitter.com/omrig


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