Tech Tonics: Martin Kelly, Conductor of a Global Orchestra of Entrepreneurship

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One of the most significant challenges faced by the healthcare community is that the biggest companies want to innovate but can’t get out of their own way, while the smallest companies want to have an impact, but can’t get any meaningful access to the broad global market. These two communities need each other to deliver a harmonious outcome, but struggle to find the melody.

In a world getting smaller and smaller, where technology is breaking down borders, time zones and barriers to creativity, Martin Kelly, CEO of HealthXL, spends his days as serving as conductor to a global orchestra of the largest and the smallest enterprises trying to catalyze real change despite the very different world views and pulse rates of these large and small companies. By creating an environment to optimize the interests of each, Martin believes that David and Goliath can create beautiful music together, particularly in the realm of digital health.

And music is an apt metaphor for Martin’s exploits, as he spends his free time listening to Northern Soul, a derivation of Motown, R&B, and blues that is the soundtrack of his life. In today’s Tech Tonics podcast, we asked Martin to tell us what songs best characterize the large and small healthcare innovators of today, and to tell us how he evolved from a big company man at IBM to an entrepreneur in his own right, spreading his song from Dublin, Ireland to the far reaches of the global healthcare stage.

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