Tech Tonics: Thomas Goetz, Bridging the Analog Divide

November 23rd, 2015 |
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Writer, editor, entrepreneur, visionary – Thomas Goetz has always combined a sophisticated understanding of emerging technologies with a profound sense of humanism. This was evident in his work at Wired (where he served as executive editor for eleven years), in his wonderful book, The Remedy (Lisa’s comments here and David’s comments here), and through the work of the startup he founded, Iodine, which seeks to leverage the power of data and analytics to better understand how individual patients respond to medication.

In this episode of Tech Tonics, Thomas discusses his journey, his influences, his company, and what he sees (paraphrasing a concept from Sean Duffy of Omada Health) as the “analog divide.” He also discusses Iodine’s latest initiative, an app called “Start,” which aims to help people with depression figure out if their prescribed medication is working for them.


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