Tech Tonics: Sean Duffy’s Ascent from Legos to Healthcare

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Sean Duffy was one of those kids building monumental Lego edifices when his friends were playing outside. He continued to progress on the building front until he hit on his latest endeavor, the establishment of Omada Health, a company that helps people reduce their risk of progression to Type 2 diabetes by employing a mix of new world technology and old world coaching techniques.

Sean has a pretty impressive Silicon Valley pedigree for a guy raised in Colorado: Google, IDEO and now a startup that has become a leader in the emerging digital health marketplace. He credits his success, in part, to having a ready ability to initiate– to overcome tendencies toward perfectionism that sometimes prevent people from just get started trying things. As Sean says, “I love realizing it’s possible to think something up and just make it happen.” And he still builds Lego creations.

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