Jamming with Guitar Hero Air Guitar Rocker

January 13th, 2008 |
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Know one of those guys who is always acting like he’s strumming the air guitar while listening to music? Well then this $29.99 toy is the perfect gift, the Guitar Hero Air Guitar Rocker.

Not only is George a sales guy working the CES floor, he’s also an accomplished air guitarist capable of riffing just like Tony Iommi or Eddie Van Halen. The Air Guitar Rocker comes with 10 tracks that are loaded on a cartridge — certainly a model to support expansion for new genres or additional songs. Take the special pick and wave it in front of the Air Guitar Rocker’s Flying V belt buckle and out screams the distorted guitars. Match your strumming to the correct tempo, and you’ll play a perfect “More Than A Feeling” solo, just like Boston‘s Barry Gooudreau.


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