Bernard Daines, Father of Gigabit Ethernet

December 14th, 2007 |
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2007 Utah Technology Council’s Hall of Fame inductee Bernard Daines has a rich legacy of innovation spanning several decades of achievements in the network communications industry, and is widely recognized as an expert in Ethernet technology.

Daines was the first to create the 100 megabit Ethernet Switch when he worked as a consultant for 3Com and Bob Metcalfe. Later, Daines leveraged his experience to push data 10 times faster to create the first Gigabit Switch.

Daines was the first to graduate in Computer Science at Brigham Young University, and played a major role in defining the programs and curriculum for future graduates. After sharing his knowledge as a professor, Daines went on to work at IBM and HP. Later he founded or co-founded a number of businesses centered on Ethernet, including Grand Junction Networks (acquired by Cisco), Packet Engines (acquired by Alcatel), World Wide Packets, and Linux Networx.


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