California’s Title 24 and the Green Smart Home

May 18th, 2007 |
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California’s Title 24 presents implications for those engaged in new and retrofit home construction. While there are many different ways to look at power conservation and consumption, Paul Nagel, Control4‘s VP of engineering, talks about how home automation systems create a “greener” home. Not only does a smart home give more options to manage power consumption, but a smart home will also offer new levels of convenience for the home owner.

Since home automation allows the home to be aware and communicate, a home owner can receive notices or reports of actions taken to conserve energy, long before the power company steps in. Whether it’s lighting control, heating and cooling or cost-based management, a home automation system provides proactive management. California may take the lead here in the States, but “Green Fever” is a world-wide interest, with the Europeans becoming far more conscious due to higher prices for energy.


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