IT@Intel: Return on Security Investment

October 5th, 2007 |
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Matt Rosenquist, Information Security Strategist at Intel, says that measuring success in the security industry is difficult, since there isn’t a perfect tool for measuring what doesn’t happen. In this podcas talks about how he approaches a nascent practice like security. Rosenquist blogs about security for IT@Intel, where in a recent post he posited some reasons why virtualization remains a open — and important — question for security professionals. In his post, Rosenquist argues that, since “you can’t get any deeper than the hardware,” Intel and other hardware designers are best positioned to help take the high ground in any battle against attackers. And it’s worth checking out the podcast video and reading his full blog post to see what Rosenquist means by success (hint: security isn’t an end, in Rosenquist’s thinking).


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