Cool tour of Microsoft Research’s TechFest, Part I

March 20th, 2007 |
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Kevin Schofield invited me up to see Microsoft Research‘s TechFest. We get to see a TON of cool stuff (some of the coolest research ever). Kevin is the guy responsible for moving technology from Research into the product teams, so he seems to know everyone working on Research and what’s cool about it. This is the first tape. It’s about an hour long, but you’ll meet some really great technologists who are doing some eye popping research. If you can’t handle the long version (a second one will come up in a few days) we’ve picked a few of the cooler parts and will put those out shortly.

What will you see?

  1. 2:11: VIBE group shows off synchronizing via mobile phone research
  2. 10:09: Andy Wilson shows off a cool set of apps that use video cameras in a new way (don’t miss this, it rocks!)
  3. 19:50: Daniel Robbins shows off a new “tap UI” for phones.
  4. 23:35: Matt Uyttendaele shows off HUGE (4 gigapixel or so) photos with a killer “tiling” system that displays them wicked fast.
  5. 29:52: Linking the real world to the Web with pictures (killer camera phone research).
  6. 34:04: Speech recognition for podcasts.
  7. 36:50: Frank Seide shows video exploration and discovery for Media Center PCs.
  8. 45:31: Richard Harper demonstrates a bunch of hardware concepts and trials for home users.
  9. 52:00: Vibhore Goyal shows using SMS to blogging and research in India.
  10. 54:25: Rajesh Veeraraghavan is doing research with farmers in India to find better education systems for them.

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