IT Best Practices: Managing Privacy Risk with a Standalone Subsidiary

October 15th, 2013 |
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IT Best Practices: Intel practices responsible privacy and data protection. Respect for privacy is fundamental to our culture and helps us to maintain an environment where individuals can trust Intel and its technologies.

Acquisitions are a critical component of Intel’s growth strategy. Intel is a multinational corporation that currently has many wholly-owned (directly or indirectly) companies across the globe. The acquisition of a company requires the responsibility to protect the privacy of customers, consumers, suppliers, partners, and employees of both that business and Intel.

In most of our acquisitions, we fully integrate the subsidiary into Intel. The integration process includes assessments of employee personal information, data, products, or services that have been acquired. The personal information of the new employees’ is protected by a system of controls, such as Intel Corporate Privacy Rules, privacy training, and information security policies.

In acquisitions where the acquired company will be held and operated as a standalone subsidiary, or even in cases where the acquired company will be gradually assimilated into Intel over time, Intel needs to assess and measure the new acquisition’s level of privacy maturity. We created the privacy maturity assessment process to evaluate privacy risk for a new standalone subsidiary, measure its current level of privacy maturity, and, if necessary, determine a course of action for improving privacy.

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