Blending Trading Performance – Risk Management Insights

January 24th, 2008 |
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Join BearingPoint managing director Brian Hart to explore trading performance and risk management, and what has been learned from the recent credit crisis. The recent credit crisis has demonstrated to companies that there were certain capabilities they were lacking in managing their business effectively. BearingPoint has identified some critical ways for companies to better prepare for these types of events in the future.

The key elements that have been identified in the midst of the recent turmoil are the importance of a single, integrated trade performance and risk management platform. Most companies have invested considerably in separate financial, risk management and trading systems. The challenge, however, is the need to pull information from a variety of sources into a single, cohesive reporting framework that blends risk and performance insights. This framework can then provide a view of the business that is consistent with how traders and management think of it.

In addition to implementing an integrated performance, it is essential to eliminate unnecessary costs in risk management by eliminating significant administrative activity, such as spending 20% of company time troubleshooting. By freeing up these resources, management can focus on their business, as opposed to managing the process of creating information.

Crises such as this are nothing new to the financial world. By understanding the importance of an integrated platform and the other key capabilities that are essential to success, a financial institution can ensure they are better prepared for any obstacles they face in the future.


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