Kevin Edwards, VP Architecture

Kevin J Edwards

Kevin Edwards

Kevin Edwards is an award-winning multimedia executive, noted for his innovative use of new technologies and creative production techniques in television, radio, and the Internet as well as for being an early developer in social media for marketers and Fortune 500 corporate clients. Edward’s earliest experience with the Internet dates back to a high school internship in the early ’80s as a programmer for Rockwell in the days of Arpanet.

Edwards received his Master’s Degree in Interactive Telecommunications at New York University. He also has degrees in Computer Science, Information Systems, Film and Television.

Applying his professional and educational background in the arts and technology, he joined CNET Networks during the launch in 1995 and became a key force in creating CNET’s content, architecture, and syndication, quickly making it one of the most popular Internet brands in the world, and now a part of CBS Broadcasting Inc.

Kevin Edwards can be found on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.