Improving Email Application Server Performance with Intel Solid-State Drives

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IT Best Practices: With a goal to improve our email application server performance and lower costs to meet ongoing email demand, Intel IT conducted a proof-of-concept (PoC) evaluating the benefits of Intel Solid-State Drive (Intel SSD) technology. Compared to our current email application server configuration with hard disk drives (HDDs), our study results showed the performance, power, and endurance characteristics of the Intel SSD DC S3700 Series significantly improves the user experience by reducing the outgoing email delivery times, while also reducing our data center footprint, system complexity, and infrastructure costs per system user.

For the PoC, we replaced 40 SAS HDDs in our email application server configuration with 16 Intel SSD DC S3700 Series. We found that the Intel SSDs improved performance by reducing email submission times by 84 percent. In addition, the Intel SSD-based solution required 60 percent less data center space and 79 percent less power and cooling. It reduced overall complexity for simpler system management and lowered the annual per-user infrastructure costs. These savings offset the higher initial cost of the solid-state drives (SSDs) as compared to the HDDs.