Network Neutrality: Why Net Firms Like Google Care

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Menlo Park, CA, June 8, 2006 (PodTech News) — Google’s co-founder and President Sergey Brin was in Washington Tuesday to push for stronger provisions on “network neutrality.” Internet companies like Google fear that without network neutrality rules, the telecommunications and cable companies will create a two-tiered network – a network in which web sites will have to pay for higher-speed content delivery. As the House plans to vote on a telecommunications bill this week, PodTech’s Catherine Girardeau went over to Stanford University’s Center for Internet and Society to ask Associate Director Lauren Gelman’s opinion on the network neutrality debate.


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  1. Mike Brown
    June 15th, 2006 at 10:40 | #1

    Unfortunately, instead of treating this issue with any real technical discussion and understanding, Catherine’s guest tended to focus on ambiguous and emotional generalizations about ‘fairness’ and ‘big corporations against the public’ – even though the ‘big corporations’ line up on both sides of the issue. Without packet discrimination, voice applications like Skype cannot work, since delaying or dropping voice packets in the internet will result in poor quality sound. Clearly Ebay, which owns Skype, has a vested interest in some type of network preference for their Skype packets, but Ms Gelman put them in the ‘net neutrality’ camp. Instead of explaining any details of the complexity of the issue, Ms Gelman focused on an emotional response and urged the public to contact their representative lest the big corporations take away something that neither the public nor their representatives truly understand.

  1. June 10th, 2006 at 14:29 | #1