Intel’s Enterprise Laptop Strategy

March 10th, 2009 |
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It’s sometimes difficult to remember what the enterprise environment was like before workforces were mobile. It’s sometimes difficult to understand why the simple reality of not being in the office might have prevented some of us from doing the work we needed to do. In this video podcast, two Intel executives recall how we got to this point.

The change from a desktop-driven world to our current and increasingly mobile business environment was swift, but it was also deliberate. Intel CIO Diane Bryant and IT PC Fleet Manager John Mahvi remember the conversations, they remember the risks, and they are continuing to steer Intel’s massive workforce into the future with increased mobility, constantly improving energy performance, and a wireless existence that will surely make today’s mobility seem as staid as yesterday’s desktop offices.

Intel has been measuring “total cost of ownership,” or TCO, since 1995. Says Mahvi, “We’ve seen a 67 percent improvement in TCO for a PC fleet over that time,” citing support cost decreases and the promise of Intel’s vPro manageability, which will allow those costs to continue to drop.

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