Data Center Strategy Leading Intel’s Business Transformation

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Data Center Strategy Leading Intel’s Business Transformation
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IT Best Practices: To better meet Intel’s business requirements while providing our internal customers with optimal data center infrastructure capabilities and innovative business services, Intel IT has overhauled our data center strategy. Our data center transformation strategy is to run Intel data center services like a factory, affecting change in a disciplined manner and applying breakthrough technologies, solutions, and processes.

We use three key metrics to measure data center transformation success: meet growing customer demand (service-level agreements and quality of service) within constrained spending targets (cost- competitiveness) while optimally increasing the utilization of infrastructure assets (operational efficiency).

Building on previous investments and techniques, our refined data center strategy has created new business value in excess of USD 321 million from 2010 to date. Our key achievements include the following:

  • We developed a system software capability called NUMA-Booster, which has delivered additional server capacity.
  • We deployed more than 13,000 Intel Solid-State Drives as “fast swap” drives, which generated a 27-percent increase in server capacity.
  • Five generations of high-performance computing in our Design computing environment created a 90x capacity increase and a 64x quality improvement.
  • We adopted new storage capabilities, accelerated storage refresh, and focused on increasing utilization, resulting in cost avoidance.
  • We deployed more than 65,000 10 gigabit-per-second network ports.
  • An integrated server and network infrastructure provided a 39-percent reduction in hardware across the enterprise.

Over the 2016–2018 time frame, we plan to extend the data center strategy to continue to transform our data center infrastructure. We will do so by using disruptive server, storage, network, and data center facility technologies that can lead to unprecedented quality-of-service levels and total cost of ownership reduction for business applications—all while continuing to improve IT operational efficiency.

Our data center transformation strategy is key for Intel IT to stay competitive, compared to public cloud services. Implementing breakthrough solutions and pursuing aggressive goals are critical factors to success in this transformation.


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