Best Practices: Deploying the Intel Unite Solution

January 21st, 2016 |
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Best Practices: Deploying the Intel Unite Solution
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IT Best Practices: Effective collaboration between Intel employees enables them to share innovative ideas – a significant factor in Intel’s competitive advantage. Intel IT has long been a key enabler of collaboration solutions for our enterprise. We continually seek ways to improve the collaboration experience for Intel employees, empowering them to bring their innovative concepts to life.

With our recent deployment of the Intel® Unite™ solution, we’ve made significant gains in making collaboration easier and faster. This solution has had such a positive impact on productivity that we plan to upgrade at least 3,500 conference rooms worldwide by mid-2017.

The Intel Unite solution boosts employee productivity and enhances collaboration in the following ways:

  • Eliminates cables, dongles, and adapters that make connecting devices to displays complicated. Meetings start faster and productive time is increased.
  • Supports remote participation in the meeting by letting employees share content directly from their client device from anywhere in the world.
  • Helps Intel IT keep conference room display-sharing fully operational through remote support.

Intel IT has developed best practices relating to preparation, deployment, and support of the Intel Unite solution. We hope other enterprises can learn from our experience and put our best practices to work in their own collaboration environments—transforming their conference rooms into smart, connected spaces where employees—both inside and outside the room—can collaborate more productively.


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