Inside Yahoo’s Brickhouse with Bradley Horowitz

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Continued innovation is key to the success of most companies, and Yahoo is no different. The Internet giant recently opened an “idea incubator” called “Brickhouse” in the trendy South Park area of San Francisco. Select Yahoo employees will take turns working out of the office – intended to evoke the vibe of a start-up company – to nurture ideas into viable products or services. In this inaugural Inside Silicon Valley podcast, the Mercury News sat down with Bradley Horowitz, Yahoo’s vice president of advanced development, at the Brickhouse open house to discuss the incubator concept and how it will work.


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    I think Bradley did an excellent job of sharing Yahoo’s vision for Brickhouse. I guess it will be a similar outlook as Google Labs in to Google. I think though that the 4-6 week timeframe that he talks about is a little short. Anyways, great interview!

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